Experts performing this consulting program:

Program description:

What is the employee engagement and empowerment program?

This program aims to describe the framework conditions of services that we can provide in terms of educating, strengthening and expanding the practical application of Employee Engagement and Employee Empowerment principles and practices. These methods, complemented by areas of product innovation and competence continuous improvement, can effectively lead to achieve your business goals.

Comprehensive cooperation programme:(It is possible to select individual components)

Reconnaissance of the current situation, challenges and expectations. The form of audit, which, through a series of meetings and interviews with key stakeholders and team representatives, allows to visualize the current organizational challenges and expectations of the management comparing them to the current work environment. (optional) The result of the review is a brief report regarding current status, along with recommendations of the initial steps necessary to achieve the expected state.

Training that allows to build a common knowledge base and skills necessary for the effective application of specific methods and practices, as well as specialized workshops for both business representatives and departments representatives responsible for the implementation of projects / operational activities.

Mentoring and Coaching where our consultant supports ongoing activities, which depending on the chosen form of cooperation - long term or ad hoc basis - helps to apply new knowledge, systematically complements it and primarily, reinforces good practices in order to prevent the return to old, less effective habits.

Continuous Improvement (advanced training and workshops) allows to introduce the environment of constantly improving organization, expanding its knowledge and competence.

Consulting goals:

What are the challenges we address?

  • How can I define the role of leaders and managers in an agile organization?
  • How can I analyze what motivates team members to perform?
  • How can I improve cooperation and build trust?
  • How can I define and measure the implementation of strategic goals, involving people?
  • How can I develop people's competences and measure the progress of their achievements?
  • How can I molded a flat organization structure and still achieve organizational growth?
  • How can I reward and appreciate colleagues in a transparent way?
  • How can I create a change initiative suited to our unique environment?
  • How can I perform strategic and tactical change planning with light tools?
  • How can I coordinate, monitor and measure many simultaneous experiments for change?

Program duration:

A typical minimum period of intensive consultation support is 3-6 months. This is the time normally needed by teams to establish practices.

The typical involvement of a consultant during this period is on average 2-3 days a week - initially more often and with time, less and less frequent. In our practice, we try to apply a minimum support package of 20 man-days, usually used within 2-3 months.

Target group:

The training is intended for:

  • Change agents, Agile coaches, Scrum Masters,
  • teams and departments leaders/managers
  • organization management staff,
  • representatives of non-IT departments such as sales and marketing.
Wanting to develop the organization in the spirit of Agile, Lean Change and Management 3.0.

Consulting preconditions:

The success of the program is determined by:

  • setting a sponsor for the program,
  • providing a budget for training and consulting,
  • involvement of senior leaders and managers,
  • openness to adaptive approach during changes.

Service logistics:

Consultancy services will be provided at the client’s offices. The scope of work will be agreed individually depending on your needs. As a payment formula for consultancy, we propose a manday rates (time & materials).