Price and delivery variants:
This assessment is available in four delivery variants:
  • Standard - the assessment ends with a debrief.
  • Extended - the assessment includes the debrief and a team workshop.
OCAI Pro Standard variant: Price from 4 900 EUR net
OCAI Pro Extended variant: Price from 6 500 EUR net

OCAI Enterprise Standard variant: Price from 6 500 EUR net
OCAI Enterprise Extended variant: Price from 8 500 EUR net
Duration and language:

The assessment process is as follows:

  1. 1h meeting for 1-2 people (who will coordinate the assessment in the organization), to present the tool and develop an action plan.
  2. 1,5h webinar for management to describe the assessment and explain its objectives.
  3. Organizational culture assessment (coordinated by people inside the organization).
  4. [Standard version] Discussion of the results (2h) for the participants of the webinar.
  5. [Extended version] Workshop (8h: onsite or 2x4h online) for webinar participants - discussion of the results and developing the next steps of working with the organizational culture.
Online assessment/person - 15 min.
Assessment duration - about 2 weeks (depends on organization’s scale).

The assessment is in Polish. An English version is also available. The report is presented in English.

Target group:

The assessment with a workshop is intended for:

  • board members,
  • change managers,
  • members of HR department,
  • leaders/managers of departments and teams,
  • change agents, agile coaches, Scrum Masters.
Those who want to learn more about their organization and the needs of its people.

Price includes:

  • Cooperation with an expert, certified OCAI© Online consultant.
  • Introduction to the assessment through consulting and support in preparing for the assessment.
  • A webinar describing the tool and purpose of the assessment.
  • OCAI© survey for any number of employees of the organization.
  • Assessment report which consists of:
    • Bulk profile with current and preferred culture and explanation.
    • Analysis of discrepancies between the current and preferred culture.
    • Cultural profile divided into six key aspects of culture: dominant characteristics, organizational leadership, employee management, organization glue, strategic emphases, success criteria.
    • Indication of consistency: are these six aspects consistent or not? Inconsistency can cause confusion or conflict and can cost you time, money and energy.
    • Information on the organizational culture in individual departments [Enterprise option].
  • OCAI© Work Kits - materials supporting the change of the organizational culture in the company.
  • Separate graphics showing report results - to be used as an attachment in internal reports and presentations.
  • [Standard version] Discussion of the results by the consultant during a two-hour meeting.
  • [Extended version] An 8h workshop for a group of up to 12 people to discuss the results of the assessment with a consultant and to plan steps toward organizational culture change/adjustment.


Prior to assessment, it is required to inform the organization (in particular the employees involved and all persons having insight into the assessment results) about the assessment, its purpose, significance and subsequent use.

For online training and assessments, it is required to be computer literate and meet technical requirements:


What is the OCAI© assessment?

The OCAI© (Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument) assessment is a multidimensional instrument for diagnosing the company’s organizational culture. It allows you to get to know six basic aspects, such as: dominant characteristics of the organization, employee management style, criteria of success in the organization, organizational leadership, what is the most important (Strategic emphases) and what ensures the cohesion of the organization (Organization glue). It also places the organization on two dimensions - way of operation (flexibility and freedom of action vs. control and stability) and orientation (orientation on internal affairs and integration vs. orientation on external place and differentiation).

The assessment is supported by many scientific studies, can be linked to the Big Five model, as well as Carl Gustav Jung’s four personality types. Despite the scientific basis of the study, its practical dimension is the greatest advantage of it.

Organizational culture affects the effectiveness of tasks performed, innovation, employee engagement, agility and competitiveness on the market. It would seem that organizational culture falls into soft areas, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even key initiatives for our organization may turn out to be at risk if there is no appropriate culture and climate for their execution.

As many employees as possible take part in one assessment, thanks to which we are able to obtain a more precise and authentic result for our organization. There are two test options - Pro and Enterprise. With the Pro option, you will get a holistic view of your organization’s culture (recommended for smaller companies). The Enterprise option makes it possible to build a more precise picture of the organizational culture by separating teams, departments and business areas in the report.

Both the Pro and Enterprise options can be carried out with an additional debrief (Standard version) or a workshop (Extended version) performed by a certified consultant. Thanks to this, we can better understand its results and plan the next steps of work with the company’s organizational culture even better.

Who’s behind this?

The OCAI© assessment was created by Kim Cameron and Robert Quinn of the University of Michigan. This instrument has become one of the most useful and most accustomed in business. It has already been used by over 10 000 companies around the world. It also coincides with other dimensions describing human organizational behavior.

Currently, there are about 60 consultants worldwide certified by the Kikker Groep organization, founded by Marcella Bremer, the leader of the OCAI online tool. These people are able to professionally discuss assessment results and help draw conclusions from it. Valkir Academy trainers are OCAI© certified consultants using the OCAI online tool.


What are the challenges it addresses?

  • Does our organization have a homogenous organizational culture?
  • How is the cooperation between the departments?
  • Will a given organizational culture help or rather stop organizational changes?
  • What is the attitude of employees at different levels of the organization towards work in the company?
  • What is the management style in the organization, is it consistent with the preferences of employees?
  • Why do some ventures succeed and some fail?
  • How to shape the organizational culture so that the company thrives and achieves its goals?
What benefits do you get?

The assessment allows participants to better understand their organization, the challenges it faces and more effectively steer its growth. A discussion of results or workshop with a consultant will allow you to better understand assessment results, draw conclusions and help you to plan the next steps of work with the company's organizational culture.

As a result of the assessment together with the workshop you will:
  • know and understand the dimensions of organizational culture that affect the effective stimulation of the organization's growth,
  • see the broader context in which your organization is immersed and what challenges it faces,
  • consider solutions that may be useful in working on changing the organizational culture,
  • determine the next steps to work with organizational culture.